Meet Remi The Riding School's Star Student Horseman

Horse and child
Meet Our Star Student Horseman & Burt

Why Beth Is Recognizing Remi As A Star Student Horseman

Remi never gives up! She always tries to do the best she can. Remi is very smart and wants to learn all she can to be the best she can be!

What other students have to say:

Remi is a special young lady. She may only be ten years old, but she comes confidently into the barn and gets her horse tacked up like an adult horseman. She even has her own grooming box and brings snacks for the horses. Remi has a beautiful smile and a friendly demeanor. You can't ignore Remi's caring presence around The Riding School. - Leslie

Meet The Riding School Star Student Horseman Remi

Who is your favorite horse to ride?

Remi: Burt

When did you first start horsemanship coaching lessons?

Remi: October 2018

How has Ms. Beth helped you become a better rider?

Remi: Ms. Beth has helped me because she taught me how to tack up and ride by myself.

What is your favorite part about The Riding School?

Remi: My favorite part is that I also get to help feed and take care of the horses.

What is your favorite memory at The Riding School?

Remi: My favorite memory is when I cantered for the first time and when I tacked up for the first time.

About Star Student Horseman Recognition Program

The Riding School has welcomed and produced exceptional student horsemen. When students rise up to challenges and radiate care towards horses and others, we recognize their star quality.

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