Experience The 3 Phases of The Horsemanship Coaching Experience with Beth Boyer

Many new and inexperienced riding students miss out on the essential experiences that make for an expert horseman. Understanding the phases of the horsemanship experience will develop better riding skills and a strong relationship with your horse.

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Phase 1

Grooming & Tacking

When students arrive at The Riding School they will begin by grooming and tacking their horse.

Students will complete the following tasks:

  • select their grooming kit

  • retrieve the horse's tack box

  • select a saddle along with appropriate pads

With guidance, students will learn how to groom their horse and safely and properly tack their horse.

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Phase 2

Handling & Riding

Once a student has carefully groomed and tacked their horse, they will then be instructed on proper handling of their horse outside and inside of the ring.

Students will learn how to safely mount a horse and begin the essential training necessary to become a safe and mindful horse rider. Every coaching session inside the ring is unique, different, and focused on specific skills at each rider's level of riding.


Phase 3

Untacking, Grooming, Stable Management

Once a student has enjoyed their time in the ring with Beth, they will learn the skills to wind down their horse, clean tack, return their tack and equipment, and clean after their horse.

These tasks may include mucking up, sweeping,  cleaning and organizing tools, assisting in feeding, and other activities under the instruction or direct guidance of Beth.

Students learn to contribute to and create a safe and healthy environment for horses and other riders.

This phase is often misunderstood and underappreciated because it's the perfect time for riders to reflect on their lessons learned before and during their time in the ring and to bond with their horse after a shared experience.