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“There is no better place to heal a broken heart than on the back of a horse.”

Missy Lyons

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Adult Riders

The Riding School welcomes adult horse riders of all levels

Whether you're new to the horse world or an experienced rider, we can guide you on your own unique learning experience.

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Experience A New Challenge

Adult riders of The Riding School come to experience a new challenge. Whatever your personal goals are, our individualized guidance will help you get on the right track in a fun, safe, and casual environment.

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The Benefits of Horse Riding As An Adult


Get fit while having fun. Students have reported positive physical changes such as more muscle tone, increased strength, and fitter physique.


Horses are famously known for their therapeutic and psychological benefits. Students have reported feeling more relaxed, sleep better, and achieve a greater sense of well-being through horse riding.

Screen Free Time

Horse riding is an excellent way to put down your phone, disconnect from distractions, and focus on your own happiness.

Quiet Time

The scenic views of Vista and the rustic environment of The Riding School will give you the quiet time away from traffic, work, and other distractions.

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What You'll Need To Get Started

What You'll Need To Get Started

Riding Boots

Cowboy boots or riding (paddock) boots with zippers on the tip are highly recommended.

Long Pants

Long pants with grip such as jeans or horse riding pants are safer.


A proper fitting equestrian helmet that does not slip or slide off the head is recommended. If you need to borrow a helmet or need helmet selection guidance discuss with Beth.

Water Bottle & Snacks

It can get hot in the afternoons. Bring plenty of cool water and snacks for your personal health needs.

Riding Gloves

Riding gloves are highly recommended, but not necessary to start.

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About The 3 Phase Horsemanship Coaching Experience

Discover what it takes to become a true horseman.

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New Student Form Packet

Print and complete this new student form packet. Bring it with you to your first lesson or email to

New Student Form Packet

Important Info

This packet contains a form to enter your contact information as well as school policies and liability waiver.

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