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“There are many wonderful places in the world, but one of my favorite places is on the back of my horse.”

Rolf Kopfle

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Young Equestrians

Build Confidence & Character

Young Equestrians are able to gain horsemanship skills that increase confidence and build character. Tools and traits that are in high demand and sought after by colleges and employers.

Young Equestrians: Courses

Skills For A Lifetime

Get Your Child On The Right Path

Parents enroll their big kids and young adults into The Riding School for a variety of reasons. Not only do they learn riding skills and build bonds with our horses, they learn life skills and build character. The children who have grown up in The Riding School have not only built confidence in themselves, but a wealth of skills to care for themselves and others, and experience that colleges and employers look for in young professionals.

Young Equestrians: About

Opportunities For Learning

Build Skills & Background For Higher Learning

Horse Care

Learn how to put animal care first and foremost. A Lot of riders don’t put the horse first and because of that they’re not true horsemen. Recognize what the horse needs, take the extra time and put in more effort. Each horse is an individual with individual needs.

Horse Logic

Horses think differently than humans. Get a whole new perspective on the horse mind. Many students say, “I never thought about things like that”. Concepts like time, safety, space, fear, relationships are all different to a horse. Learn how to understand how horses perceive and understand the world so that you can guide the horse to want to engage with you in a safe and fun way.

Stable Management

Students must learn how to care for stable property - tack, cleaning tools, etc. - how to clean stalls - all of which goes back into creating a happy, healthy environment for the horse.

Leadership Skills

Get out of your comfort zone. Build confidence, take on challenges, learn from failures, do new things. Horses force people to get out of their comfort zone. Every learning opportunity is different. Learn how to deal with difficult situations and make the best of every situation. Leadership skills means that the leader is not number one, but whom they are caring for.

Emotional Intelligence

Young Equestrians learn to help younger or inexperienced students. They build confidence, empathy, emotional intelligence for understanding horses and people.

Young Equestrians: List

New Student Form Packet

Print and complete this new student form packet. Bring it with you to your first lesson or email to

New Student Form Packet

Important Info

This packet contains a form to enter your contact information as well as school policies and liability waiver.

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Meet Our Star Students

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