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Full Horsemanship Camps

Safety. Horse Care. Riding Skills.

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The Riding School offers campers of all ages to dive into the Horseman's world. Learn about horse care, horse logic, stable management, horse riding skills, all while making friends who share a passion for horses.

The Riding School offers an opportunity for campers to try new challenges, gain maturity through responsibility, and build confidence in themselves.

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What They’re Saying About The Riding School Horsemanship Camps

Beth provides an opportunity for my kids to grow up. This camp isn't about playing and letting adults do all the work.  My kids learned about caring for an animal in a group context. They learned how to act responsibly as a team. They're learning important life skills such as understanding consequences and I feel my children matured immensely.

Franck - Parent

I learned how to tack and hoof pick really fast. I learned how to ride as best as I can. [Horsemanship Camp] makes me feel proud of myself and makes me feel like I'm the boss, too.

Harper - Camper (Age 8)

Camp makes me feel happy. It always makes me feel excited to ride. I learn about riding and tacking up.

Donavon - Camper (Age 6)

After being in quarantine for so long, it was great to see my child socialize and learn responsibility. I like how the camp focuses on independence. [My child] is also tired at the end of the day of productive work.

Nico's Dad

We were surprised that she could do an entire camp [Age 5] at her age, but she loved it. She'll be coming back again.

Sophia's Dad

I like how this camp teaches a child responsibility. Every child says they want a horse or an animal, but they don't understand the real work it takes. Here, [my child] learned exactly what level of responsibility it takes to own a horse.

Ella's Mom

The Riding School teaches kids resilience. My grandparents grew up in conditions completely different than mine. We forget how easy we have it. My favorite part for my kid is stable management and horse care. She comes home acknowledging how much work she did and what she learned. The Riding School provides outside social activity, too, which is good for kids with a lot of screen time.

Rylee's Dad

These camps are not horse princess camps. In North County San Diego, kids are highly privileged and sometimes have unrealistic expectations of life and the hard work their parents endure to create that life. The Riding School grounds kids and shows them that they get what they give and that Ms. Beth and other students meet you at your level of commitment. I like Ms. Beth's style of coaching kids and how she expect the best from her students.

Estelle - Parent

Beth is a straight shooter. There is a lot of BS in the world and sometimes people don't give it to you straight. I like how she is clear and gives it to kids real. I like how camp wore out my daughter and gave her a realistic understanding of work ethic.

K's Dad

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General Horsemanship Education Camp Program

Learning Goals For Every Horseman

Tack & Grooming

Safely Bond With The Horse

  • Learn why horses get specific types of tack

  • How to properly and safely put on tack

  • Discover the purposes of grooming tools

  • Kind ways to groom and proper ways to clean a horse's foot

Stable Management

Leadership Through Horse Care

  • Care for and properly store horse tack and equipment

  • Maintain a safe and clean environment

  • Learn how to keep a stable's operations flowing smoothly

Horse Diet

Learn About Horse Nutrition

  • How to feed a horse,

  • Nutritional needs

  • Understanding horse health

  • How to increase the quality and length of a horse's life

  • How each individual horse is treated as an individual.

Achieve Personal Goals

Become A Better Horseman

Each student is invited to share

  • what they are passionate about learning

  • what are their learning goals

Riding Skills

Safe & Fun Riding Skills

  • Advance riding skills

  • Learn new techniques

  • Students will ride together

  • All campers will ride

Building Character & Community

Gain Independence While Helping Yourself and Others

  • All camps encourage students to take on independent learning opportunities to help the horses, themselves, and others.

  • Campers will be able to help younger campers.

  • Young campers will be encouraged to try new activities that help them mature and grow.

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Jule, July, August 2023
$425 Per Student
8AM to 2PM Monday Through Friday
$100 for individual days

Summer 2023 Horse Camps

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Register Now - Spaces Extremely Limited

Sign up for one, for all, or for a single day.

Session One

JUNE 5-9

Session 2

JUNE 12-16

Session 3

JUNE 19-23

Session 4

JUNE 26-30

Session 5

JULY 3-7

Session 6

JULY 10-14

Session 7

JULY 17-21

Session 8

JULY 24-28

Session 9


Session 10

August 7-11

Session 11

August 14-18

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Download Registration & Instruction Forms

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Want to reserve your spot? The fastest way is to download a form, complete it, and mail it along with your deposit. Deposits sent without completed forms do NOT hold spaces.
All parents must sign liability waivers for their minor children.

Horsemanship Summer Camp Registration Form


Digital Horsemanship Camp Flyer


Horseman Code of Conduct - Camp Edition


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  1. Write your check number on the registration form.

  2. Write names of students on the check

  3. Note the date(s) of camp you are paying for

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All non-refundable deposits and remaining payments for camps are non-refundable. Making a deposit holds a reservation for the entire week (5 days) of camp. Therefore, students who either show the first day and fail to attend any/all remaining days or do not attend at all will not be given a refund. Making a payment to The Riding School indicates an understanding of this policy.

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Know Before You Go

Camps: FAQ

Can I stay with my camper the full day?

Parents/Guardians may wait outside of the gate while their camper is at camp. Parents are not permitted to linger once camp begins due to safety reasons and to maintain the attention flow of camp. If parents wish to participate, they must register as a camper and are subject to the rules, regulations, and schedule of the camp.

Where do we wait before camp begins?

Campers and their parents/guardians may wait outside of the gates before Ms. Beth arrives. For the safety of the horses and insurance purposes, no camper and their guests may be on the premises without Ms. Beth present.

Are food/drinks provided?

Parents/Guardians must ensure that their campers have enough food and water/drinks to last the entire day of camp. Some days are very hot and it is recommended that campers bring large water jugs to ensure adequate hydration. The only water available on site is from a hose/spigot.

When must campers stay after camp ends

Each camp is different due to the different learning speeds and physical capabilities of students. Therefore, camp may sometimes run over the 2PM end time. Students who are finished riding their horse after camp has time has passed must stay to untack, clean up, and put away their gear.

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