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Free Horse Manure In Bulk

Organize Fertilizer & Soil Amendment

The rose garden in this photo belongs to a student of The Riding School. It is fertilized using The Riding School manure.

Our student told us this story:

Roses are voracious nutrient using plants. They require regular fertilization. Using inorganic fertilizer is not a health long term solution for soil. They are susceptible to disease if their immune systems do not have essential nutrients. I amended my soil with horse manure from The Riding School and my roses now perform vigorously and are healthier than ever.

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Benefits of Gardening With Horse Manure

High Producing Fruit Trees

Increase the amount of fruits your fruit trees produce. They'll also taste better, too.

Exceptional Blooms

Roses and other vigorous flower producing plants require regular amounts of fertilizer. Strengthen your flowering plant and experience unbeatable results.

Environmentally Friendly

Horse manure is an organic solution to helping your soil stay healthy. Too much artificial fertilizer in the environment can hurt the ecosystem. Help nature thrive using an organic solution.

Fertilize All Year Round

Many fertilizers require gardeners to use them during specific time periods. This is because fertilizers will burn their plants. Horse manure is an all year round plant friendly fertilizer.

Reduce The Cost of Watering

Our students who use The Riding School horse manure report that their soil stays wetter longer. This allows them to have faster growing plants, but significantly reduces their water bill.

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Pick Up Free Horse Manure In Bulk


We welcome gardeners, composters, worm farmers, and everyone to pick up free horse manure in bulk.

  1. Call ahead to schedule a pick up day and time.

  2. Bring your own shovel and containers.

  3. Manure pick up is a self-loading process, so dress appropriately.

  4. Trailers and trucks are welcome.

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