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“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.”

Winston Churchill

Meet Our Horses: Quote

Meet Our Horses

Our Horses Are Teachers, Too

Our incredible team of horses truly make up the heart of The Riding School. Each horse brings something special to help students improve their skills as riders and horse lovers.

Which horse will you bond with? Come and meet our horses. They're chomping at the bit to meet you.



My Breed:

American Paint Horse

Name on My Papers:

Black Checkers

Fun Facts:

I love to smile for you!

I'm Good For Riders Who:

Are at every level.

Why You'll Fall In Love With Me:

I'm fun to hang out with and have a great personality. I never fail to make you smile.



My Breed:

Thoroughbred (Gelding)

Name on My Papers:

Evening Twilight

Fun Fact About Me:

I will bow for you if you have treats. I love to play and eat snacks.

Why You'll Fall In Love With Me:

I'm a big sweetheart that loves to cuddle.

Burt The Riding School Horse Vista.jpg


My Breed:

Quarter Horse

Favorite Snacks:


Fun Facts About Me:

I used to live in the snow in Massachusetts

I'm Good For Riders Who:

Are at any level and riders who won't mind a big stride.

Why You'll Fall In Love With Me:

I'm kind hearted and always try to please you. I'm a gentle giant., I'll calm you down if you're having a tough day.



My Breed:

Thoroughbred Mare

Name on My Papers:

K.O Bride

My Favorite Snacks:

French Fries

Fun Facts About Me:

I love to jump.

I love little kids and giving pony rides.

I used to be a racing horse.

Why You'll Fall In Love With Me:

I'm fun, social, and love to be ridden. I will nicker if you bring me treats because I love to eat!

Meet Our Horses: Team
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