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Horseplay At The Riding School

Sometimes, our students come in with a big sense of humor. One one day, Don came with a horse costume and decided to introduce his new horse to the horses here at the ranch.

Don generously gave his horse to live with our horses here at The Riding School. His sister, Harper, told us that his name is Buttercup.

Gidget, our resident thoroughbred mare, took a keen eye to Buttercup. And, Gidget even gave Buttercup a kiss on the nose.

What do you suppose Gidget is thinking? Have any ideas?

Burt took a moment to meet Buttercup for himself. We're not sure if Burt believed that Buttercup is a real horse. What do you think?

We like to keep things fun while staying safe here at The Riding School. Do you have a favorite stuffed horse? Let us know its name in the comments.

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