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The Happy Horseman - Cindi's Story

We are always happy to report good news about our Horsemen's journeys.

Take a moment to read Cindi's story:

“A few years ago I was looking for something fun to do with my daughter. I visited, Beth, at "The Riding School".

It has homey, family oriented and not frilly. I didn't want the "keeping up with the Jones" scene. I just wanted to have my daughter learn about horses in a "no stress, no pressure" atmosphere.

She started with an evaluation ride. This shows the trainer (Beth) what skills she has. She started to ride once a week. It became a "I can't wait for Wednesday". She seemed to be having such a good time that I started riding also.”

”I became hooked. My once a week lessons turned into twice a week then I leased (which means you can ride as many times a week as you want). I fell in love with "Burt" he became my buddy and looked for me and recognized my truck or car. We started to learn to trust each other more and more.”

”Yes, it happened. I wanted to own Burt and have my own barn and riding area. We live on 3 acres in Vista. My dream came true. The barn was finished the arena in and Burt was on his way home. I also needed to have a friend and companion for Burt. I purchased "Brandy" also from Beth. I was very familiar with Brandy's needs and she was a little slower and older than Burt. Perfect for my daughter.”

”We have been having a blast ever since. Beth has become a very dear friend. Her information and knowledge for horses is an asset.”

”I would recommend "The Riding School" to those of you who want to learn and care for a horse. Beth's horses live to ripe old ages because of the healthy care and the years of knowledge. No horse is ridden or used beyond their ability. All of Beth's horses are family!”

-Cindi Crolius

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